All the rage about harem pants

It’s quite obvious that the 80’s have been making a comeback for quite some time now. From crop tops, high wasted pants, to platform heels. All of them are getting acceptable to wear again! This is where harem pants come in. While some people are judging and question WHY on earth us girls would ever wear them, others like myself are quickly falling in love. It was a big leap out of my comfort zone wearing them for the first time. I can’t just fall in love with a piece in store, and let it sit in my closet at home though. They are irresistibly comfy, why wouldn’t I love them?! Especially with a cute pattern like the pair I bought. I’m loving this trend!
photo (25)
I have seen multiple people on pinterest pair their harem pants with plain t-shirts for that relaxed look, and others paired with a simple blazer for a more dressier style.
I just decided to pair mine with a black crop top. 

P.S. Sorry for the mirror selfie! 

Crop top: The Garage // Pants: American Eagle

xoxo, Brittney


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