When NOT To Buy:


6 reasons you shouldn’t buy an item when shopping.
Everyone should be aware of these!
Enjoy 🙂

Second Thoughts:
So you’ve saved up some money and you’re shopping with your friends. Your friend spots a super cute top and thinks its so you. You try it on and you decided you think it’s cute. You’re in the check out line and you find yourself thinking “Should I really buy this or no?” “Do you really think this looked good on me?” The moment you think those thoughts, you should probably take it back to the rack and put it up. If you’re having second thoughts in stores about the item, its a good chance that you won’t like it when you get home. There are some exceptions to this, but not many. I’m guilty of doing this all the time. Buying something that was “okay” looking. Going home and hating it, then i find myself wasting my money or returning it! Second thoughts are the worst. Just because your going shopping doesn’t mean you HAVE to buy something and waste your money. You should only buy the item if you fell in love when you first saw it!

Nothing To Wear With:
You spot a really dressy top that you love. You want it so bad, but you’re thinking “what would I wear this with?”. You quickly examine over your wardrobe in your head. You literally have nothing. If you’re having to change your wardrobe because of one piece, don’t buy it. You more than likely don’t have money to waste on buying heels, jewelry, or pants just for this top. Just stick to what you normally wear and change it later if you have the money.

Clueless To Wear With:
If you’re clueless to what you would wear with a certain top, vest, heels, etc. You can always take a quick look on Pinterest. There are so many different fashion ideas on Pinterest. It’s great to look at. You’re bound to find some girl with the same item you want and see what she paired it with. If pinterest isn’t helping you out, you could always ask your fashionista friend. If shes not helping much either, you could take the risk and figure it out yourself, or save your money, go home, and think about it for a few days.

How Much You’ll Wear It:
If you’re not gonna wear it more than five times you probably shouldn’t buy it. I’m guilty of doing this so much. I tend to buy something just because I think it’s cute, and end up only wearing it once or twice. I consider this wasting money.

The Way It Fits:
You try on a pair of jeans, or a cute top in the store. You love it, but it doesn’t fit as well as you thought it would. It’s either too long, too big, too tight, etc. Just don’t buy it. If something is too loose on you, don’t always rely on your grandmothers expert sewing skills to make you look amazing, or your dryer to shrink them to your preferred size. I’m guilty of doing this. Either my grandma has ruined my shirts, or I’ve been too lazy to have her work on them. So they just sit in my closet.

The Price:
When you see the “must have” piece, be sure to think about the price. Is that purse really worth $170? Is that dress really worth $70? You work hard for your money! Do you really wanna spend half of your paycheck on one or two items? The answer should be no. Be a smart shopper. Save money. Be on a budget. In most cases, prices are high because you’re paying for the name. Who cares if it’s a designer item. Ouch, some of you are probably getting mad at me by now. But honestly, you can easily find something very similar to what you’re wanting so much cheaper.  This has been proven by many fashion experts on talk shows. I’m not saying you shouldn’t buy designer items. To each it’s own. A few designer items here and there are fine. Just make sure you only go on a shopping splurge occasionally.

I hope these will help you the next time you go shopping!
Have a good day 🙂
xo, Brittney 🙂


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