Fall Wardrobe Essentials

Well, almost. The official first day of fall is Sunday, September 22. So it’s getting real close 🙂 Where I live I’ve noticed that temperatures are already starting to drop! Every year when the seasons change I always go shopping for those fall must haves. Which means I need to go shopping soon! 🙂 Fall is my next favorite season from summer. Leaves changing, carving pumpkins, bonfires, etc. You get the point 🙂 Fall is just beautiful.
Here is a list of my fall must haves.

Leather Jacket:
Everyone needs a classic leather jacket in their wardrobe. I have a black, grey, and maroon one. These are easy pieces to spice up a simple outfit.
This one is from Aeropostale.


It’s so easy to style a blazer. There are multiple different ways to wear one. From tank tops, graphic tee’s, and to dresses. Dressing it up for work or down for a casual lunch date. You can’t go wrong with this piece.

These knit blazers are from Aeropostale. 
pAERO1-15564101t386x450 pAERO1-15564095t386x450

Long Sleeves:
These long sleeve are a must of course. This is where my favorite long sleeve top comes in! PIKO TOPS!! So comfortable! These look great with anything! jeans or leggings. Scarfs or necklaces. With or without a jacket. They’re so simple and comfy. The Rage boutique has the biggest variety of piko tops and in the summer they have short sleeve ones too.

Knit Cardigans:
The longer they are, the dressier they look! Great for church. Pair it with a long camisole, leggings, and boots and you’ve got the perfect outfit. Easy as pie!  These are for the days that are chilly, but are bearable since its just a tank!

This one is from Hope’s.

Oversized sweaters are the cutest, not to mention loose and comfy. These are a must have. I just love them.

This one is from The Rage
Wave on Wave Sweater

Every girl owns a pair of leggings and if you don’t you can purchase them at any clothing store. Such comfortable pieces to wear with boots and long tops.

I love boots! When it’s fall you wanna look cute and trendy. Every girl needs a pair of riding boots. These will keep you warm on colder days while still looking fashionable. I love to wear mine with leg warmers underneath just to add a nice touch. I love them to death! Also Combat boots look great as well if your style is more edge-y.

These knee high boots are from UrbanOg.
Get them here.
reba-brn_01 reba-blk_01

These adorable combat boots are from Hope’s.
Get them here.

32_4a2ac436-079d-48d0-b7f1-877dafd2e0c1_1024x1024 33_85ccfd69-9826-47ef-947e-8aaf405138fb_1024x1024

Can we please talk about how adorable scarfs are? Especially infinity ones!

This Ombre Infinity Scarf is from Alloy

175583_bkmu_xl-w504This burgundy scarf is from Wet Seal
What are your fall essentials?
Thanks for reading 🙂

xo, Brittney


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