Back To The 90’s

Hello again everyone 🙂

PicMonkey Collage
This look is 90’s inspired. It was so easy to put together. Being that high-waisted shorts are so trendy right now, I have a few pairs just laying around my room. I could live in them! So I threw these shorts on and a random tank top my friend gave me years ago. First time I actually decided to wear it! This outfit is very light weight and comfortable. It’s perfect for the hot summer days. Also, my boyfriend suggested that I keep the glasses on all day, so I did.




PicMonkey Collage2
We did a little random adventuring in the woods, that’s where this picture comes in. Hence, RANDOM. I was not prepared in these shoes.


Top: From a friend // Shorts: American Eagle // Shoes: Sperry’s
Glasses: Big Lots

P.S. If you haven’t noticed by now.. My style is all over the place. I’ll wear anything.

Thanks for reading 🙂
xo, Brittney


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