Brightening Up Camo

I know it’s been over a week since I’ve posted. I’m so sorry! I just started school and I’ve been a little busy. Plus, my boyfriend is wanting to make a YouTube account. (be on the lookout for that) and he’s borrowed my camera a lot practicing recording with it.

Anyways, let’s get started.

To me, this was a great look for school. Since I go to a Community College, I’m typically indoors most of the time. No having to run outside around campus looking for my next class in the heat. Even though it is hot outside, I try to dress for the temperature indoors. Let me tell ya.. they keep the AC on high, or so it feels like it. This morning I was a little behind and was panicking, “What do I wear?!” running all over the house. I just grabbed my camo shirt and black top, then saw this light pink/peachy one laying on my dresser, and grabbed that instead. Have you noticed that a lot of people who wear camo, wear black with it? I have anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I think black looks awesome with it. That’s what I would typically pick to go with it, but I just wanted to bring some color to my outfit today.





Of course, always a laughing picture. My boyfriend is hilarious though, can’t help it.


Camo Shirt: Kohls // Pink Top: American Eagle // Jeans: Hollister
Sandals: Journeys

Thanks for reading!
xo, Brittney


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