Aeropostale OOTD

Hey guys! So I’m not someone who would normally shop at Aeropostale, but since the fall line came out I found quite a few things I liked. This top being one of my favorites. Which is a tunic, but it’s extremely long on me like a dress. So I ended up tucking it in, and sadly i’ll have to get my grandmother to hem it up some. That’s what grandma’s are good for though, right?!
I told my boyfriend, Chris, to just take a few pictures of my outfit. Then it turned out that he ended up doing a full photo-shoot basically haha. He went a little crazy with the camera. So here are some of the pictures he took. I’m surprised! For someone who never takes pictures they turned out really well.









Top: Aeropostale // Shorts: Pacsun Jeans Cut // Scarf: Aeropostale
Shoes: Jessica Simpson // Braceletts: American Eagle & ShopTobi

xo, Brittney


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