Back To School: Lazy Days

So just a few days ago I registered my classes for College. Exciting! The earliest class I have is at 12:30PM. To someone who is use to sleeping in for over a year, that’s kinda early for me! (don’t judge) Being that I’ll have to wake up at 11:00AM to get ready. So for the days that I don’t feel too great or don’t wanna put much effort into looking good, these are the outfits I found that are cute and comfortable. (which could work for high school students as well)

First off when I think of lazy and comfy, I think of sweatpants. When I think of sweatpants, I think of PINK. Don’t you? So these outfits are from the ever so popular Victoria’s Secret PINK line. A little pricey, but when you get get a good deal on the sweats/tops then get it!


If you’re not a “pink” fan you always have this next option which is not pictured. Wearing legging as pants. Yes, I said it. The biggest issue in fashion it seems. Here’s what I think: Just make sure your shirts are longer so they cover your butt. If you can rock it, wear it. Oversized shirts and leggings are so comfortable to me. After all, it is your style and you can wear whatever you want. 🙂

Next is Palazzo Pants! Ever heard of them? A lot of people are scared to try something new. If you’re one of those people, then you should definitely come out of that shell of yours and try out these pants. So comfortable, yet chic. I have yet to buy a pair but I’m dying to get my hands on some! You can either dress them up or down, but for this occasion I would dress them down with a comfortable t-shirt. These pants are basically another form of sweatpants but very fashion forward. They are adorable!

(All photos are from my polyvore; brittneywhalen)

What do you wear on your lazy days?
Thanks for reading!
xo, Brittney


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