Whats In My Bag

Right as I was taking pictures of all of my things my camera decided die. So Polyvore will have to do.
  1. Bath ‘n Body Works Hand Sanitizer in Sugar Plum. (scent not pictured)
  2. Fossil Wallet. Mine is identical to this except its black.
  3. Ray Bans
  4. CoverGirl Simply Ageless Foundation
  5. Baby Lips in Pink Punch
  6. Soft Lips! The best chapstick.
  7. Totes small umbrella except the one I have  is zebra print. (You never know when you’ll need it).
  8. L’oreal Voluminous Million Lashes. I’m honestly not a fan of this mascara, but it’s what I’m currently using.
  9. CoverGirl eyeliner
  10. Aerie Sheer Perfume. This perfume is AMAZING. I’m in love with the smell.
  11. Tide-to-go. MUST HAVE. 

As always, Thanks for reading! What’s in your bag?

xo, Brittney

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