What I wore: Bold Cardi

Today was the perfect summer day to throw on a cardigan. It was cloudy with a chance of rain, though it did nothing but sprinkle if that. It wasn’t too hot or too cold. 🙂

Also sorry that you don’t get that great of a view of my outfit. I had my 13 year
old brother take the pictures. untitled-0026






Tank: F21 // Cardigan, Shorts, and Belt: American Eagle // Shoes: Hollister



6 thoughts on “What I wore: Bold Cardi

  1. Mae

    I love the color of your cardigan! I definitely think that you can make that even more of a pop color by contrasting it with some nudes. I can see that with dark blue skinny jeans, a flow cream top and nude flats.

    1. Style by Brittney Post author

      That sounds cute too! Would definitely have to try that out when it gets colder. The reason I bought this sweater is because it does pop 🙂 Most of my cardigans are just boring grey or white.

      1. Mae

        I feel that cardigans are great accessories, so I know what you mean when trying to find the right color! I mostly have blacks, whites and grays. Finding the right cardigan can be hard, because I feel like some of them have a “mom” feel to it (which I have nothing against) lol

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