Garnier BB Cream Review

The first time I heard that tinted moisturizers existed, I died. That was actually this summer. I’m a late bloomer when it comes to makeup guys, its sad. My mom doesn’t wear much makeup, so growing up my basics were just foundation and eyeliner. Really though! I’m not very good at doing my makeup at all, but i’m working it!


This is the first moisturizer I decided to use. I didn’t think twice about buying it, though my mom tried to change my mind. I was so excited to get home and try it out.
I bought the Light/Medium. It made my face glow. No joke. I loved it. It just had a different look to it that’s hard to explain. I also like it because It looks like i’m not wearing any makeup. It looks really natural. It doesn’t feel like my face is clogged with foundation. But after using this for a few weeks I noticed that it didn’t give me good coverage for the few blemishes that I did have. Also it looks a bit greasy, so I would put powder on after using this so my face looked better. I typically just use this whenever I just wake up and need to run to town real fast, but don’t wanna cover my face in foundation and clog it up. I also use it for the days I go swimming with some friends. Since it has SPF 15. Another thing is that it was cleared my face up some.  This is great for summer makeup.  I do recommend that every girl should have this or any tinted moisturizer in her makeup bag.
I will probably purchase this again in the future.

xo, Brittney


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