Pigeon Forge Trip / OOTD

So my family decided to go on a mini trip (only 5 days) to Pigeon Forge. Even though it’s just been a month since we got back from our cruise, I guess they needed another quick little getaway. We took our motorhome and stayed at an RV campground. The first day we got there it did nothing but rain, which really sucked. The second day was really nice out. (too hot for me honestly). So we went to Dollywood. It was pretty fun. If you don’t live in the South and wanna visit the Smokey Mountains then you should definitely stop at Dollywood. It’s a little country theme park basically. This year they opened up a new ride though called Wild Eagle. It was really different! It was awesome though. You’re hanging off the side of the track so it seems like you’re “flying” haha.
This is the eagle someone made for the ride. I think they bought it from a local artist. Crazy right?
Also, excuse how terrible I look. We road a lot of water rides.



The third day was mostly spent just swimming. The fourth, we just went out to eat at T.G.I. Friday’s.
Since we don’t have one in Cookeville my family goes crazy and has to stop whenever they see
the restaurant. Then afterwards, just swam and walked the dog the rest of the day.

Soooo..  here’s my OOTD.
Simple and casual for a hot day.
Nothing too special.
I did have on some light blue jean shorts, which looked better, but I got them wet so I had to change.


Hair in da face.

I love how the whole day I walk him he’s pulling me but when i decide to take pictures i’m basically pulling him.
so he makes the pictures look awkward hahah.


Of course I had to put lil Jasper in this post 🙂

Saved the best for last!
This picture cracks me up! It’s so awkward I just love it.
Walking away and he has to turn around and look at my mom.
Why can’t you act like a normal little dog infront of the camera?


Tank top: American Eagle / High Waisted Shorts: Hollister / Necklace: F21
Hair Ties: American Eagle / Flip Flops: Hollister


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