Celebrating ‘Merica

I hope everyone had a good and safe 4th!
My day wasn’t as good as it could have been.. being that it rained the entire day, so it ruined what I was actually gonna wear.
I had to wear BOOTS and jeans. It was actually chilly outside! I was so disappointed.
Couldn’t even wear my cute ‘merica shorts i bought.

Aren’t they adorable? I got them at Luxe Boutique in Cookeville.
The price tag said $44 but they were on sale for $22. Awesome deal right? I couldn’t pass it up.

Here are a few pictures the day before: Me and a friend of mine decided to
get out my camera and do some light photography. The last time we done this was about two years ago.
This time we used sparklers but you couldnt quite get a nice design like you would with a flash light.

and here we switch to a flash light. untitled-0342



Well that was my exciting night. Peace out. 🙂

photo (65)

xoxo, brittney


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