All the rage about harem pants

It’s quite obvious that the 80’s have been making a comeback for quite some time now. From crop tops, high wasted pants, to platform heels. All of them are getting acceptable to wear again! This is where harem pants come in. While some people are judging and question WHY on earth us girls would ever wear them, others like myself are quickly falling in love. It was a big leap out of my comfort zone wearing them for the first time. I can’t just fall in love with a piece in store, and let it sit in my closet at home though. They are irresistibly comfy, why wouldn’t I love them?! Especially with a cute pattern like the pair I bought. I’m loving this trend!
photo (25)
I have seen multiple people on pinterest pair their harem pants with plain t-shirts for that relaxed look, and others paired with a simple blazer for a more dressier style.
I just decided to pair mine with a black crop top. 

P.S. Sorry for the mirror selfie! 

Crop top: The Garage // Pants: American Eagle

xoxo, Brittney


Wedding Fun

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to be in a wedding! It was my first time and I was so nervous walking down the aisle. I was actually the maid of honor because my best friend was getting married. Here’s just a few pictures from Saturday. Let me just say all these were taken on my phone. I haven’t gotten back the digital pictures yet, so excuse the phone quality! So the wedding was a country themed, so cute! It was also a VERY small wedding as you can probably see. it was perfect for her though! I had such a blast and it was fun getting to meet the other bridesmaids. (Her new friends she made when she moved away) I’m so excited for my best friend to start this new chapter of her life!


Btw in case you’re wondering, my dress is from Delia’s and my cowboy boots are from Belk!

Thanks for reading!
-xo, Brittney


Hey everyone! Long time no talk, but I’m back now with a very special post!
I’m so excited to announce that I’m officially a Campus Rep for Serengetee! I’m so happy to be a part of this amazing, growing, family. Never heard of them? Let me tell you what this company is all about.


Serengetee sells t-shirts, long sleeves, shorts, tank tops, crop tops, CROP SWEATERS, sweatshirts, jackets, purses, you name it. The items have a pocket sewn on the front (so popular right now), but not just any pocket. The fabric of the pocket comes from places all over the world. How cool is that? On the website you get to choose what pocket you would like based off of what country it’s from, the style, color, and cause.


womens-crop-sweater-tanHow cute are these???

Here’s the awesome part. 5% of your purchase goes to awesome charities! Like Orphan Care, Poverty Relief, Health, and many more listed on their page. In fact they support 32 great causes!  Please go check them out! They are an amazing group of people with an amazing company that helps change the world.


So what are you waiting for?
Head on over to their website serengetee and support these great causes!

xoxo, Brittney


Hey guys! Here are some links to all the social media websites I’m active one. Feel free to follow! Comment down below with your URL’s too and I would be glad to follow you! 

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Styling A Floppy Hat

Floppy hats are all the rage right now. I think they’re adorable and classy looking. I can’t wait to get my hands on one. Since I don’t have one yet I have been thinking of ways to style one with outfits. Here’s a few sets on Polyvore I made. Follow me on Polyvore! HERE

Styling with a sweater:
I think this look is really adorable. The leather leggings really add a nice touch. Throw on some cute boot heels and you’re ready to go!

Floppy Hat Outfit Idea 1

Styling with a dress:
I love the color this dress. It’s perfect for the fall and winter time. You don’t have to wear a vest to make this outfit look good. I just thought I would throw it in there since I just love fur vests so much right now. This outfit is great if you wanna look more dressier.

Floppy Hat Outfit Idea 2

Styling casually:
I know this look is for the summer time and it’s definitely not the right weather to wear this outfit, but I just like the look and I plan on wearing floppy hats next summer as well. I can see this look walking on the pier at the peach or walking around on a cruise.

Floppy Hat Outfit Idea 2

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Which look is your favorite?

xoxo, Brittney


So the Bethany Mota Collection came out in all Aeropostale stores a week ago. I was so eager to get to the mall to look at all the clothes she designed! I must say, I do like the clothing. Here’s a few items on my wish list that I should’ve bought when I was there, but didn’t.

Wool Coat:



Graphic Tee: “I leave my homework to the last day because I’ll be older and therefore wiser,”







HAUL: Forever 21, H&M, American Eagle, and Gap!

So, I told you guys I was gonna make a YT channel. If it seems like I was talking weird, its probably because I definitely was. I’m not use to talking infront of a camera! It was very weird for me. HOPEFULLY I will get use to it though. Don’t judge me please! I’m still even skeptical about keeping a YouTube account. :/ Oh well. You guys will be on this long journey with me. 🙂 Enjoy!

xoxo, Brittney